The Rockbund Art Museum is the first contemporary art museum in China that is fully devoted to supporting contemporary art production and creativity. The museum was founded as an important part of the Rockbund Urban Renaissance project which aims to renovate heritage buildings and revitalize the cultural milieu for the north end of the Bund through arts, fashion, business and leisure programs. Thanks to substantial financial support to the production of original new artworks, the Rockbund Art Museum conceives and organizes temporary art exhibitions, paying the utmost attention to professionalism and quality content in curatorial practice. 上海外滩美术馆成为国内首座全力支持当代艺术创作与艺术创造力的当代艺术馆。美术馆作为洛克·外滩源项目的重要组成部分,反映了项目聚焦外滩源地区,保护历史老建筑,通过艺术、时尚、商业与休闲娱乐活动激活当地文化界的宏大愿景。上海外滩美术馆基于其雄厚的资金实力,支持艺术家创作全新的原创作品,构想、策划短期艺术展览,在策展实践中极为关注专业性与内容质量。

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